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Commission 0%
So you can offer
better price tp Buyers
->Sell/Lease Faster!


Visits to Moolaku 800,000/month average
Because most Buyers & Owners Like to Deal Directly!

Moolaku is not a property agent. Moolaku is a property portal where:

  • Buyers-direct-Owners
  • No middlemen in between
  • No commission to pay

Already property listings in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Canada, Nigeria, The Bahamas - properties in any country can be listed here!


  • Only the owner of the property can advertise at Moolaku
  • Or you are authorised by the owner to list here
  • Listing Fee (see below) are payable in advance, befor we make a webpage for your property.

What Do You Get:

  • Based on the information & photos from you, we'll make a webpage in English & Indonesian that is attractive to potential buyers.
  • Both your webpages will appear in 19.000+ websites belonging to Moolaku's affiliate members
  • You get a Back Office, so you can check how many people have visited your webpage, etc.
  • No commission, so you can offer a better price to potential buyers  --> SELL FASTER!

Listing Fees:

There are 2 types of listing fees depending on the type of your property:

A. Type A is for properties that are in the same address, and are to be sold as a whole. The fee is calculated based on your selling price as follows:

  • Basic fee: USD 21.00 (Selling price USD 200.000 or less)
  • If your selling price is more than $ 200.000, the fee is: $ 21.00 + (0.001% x the value above $ 200.000)
  • Example: selling price is $ 800,000, the fee is: $ 21.00 + (0.001% x $ 600,000) = $ 27.00
  • Pay ONCE, until SOLD, no commission!

Note: the listing fee is payable in advance - before we make a webpage for your property. 


B. Type B is for properties that are located in the same address, and to be sold per unit. The fee is calculated as follows:

  • Basic fee USD 21 + USD 1 per unit
  • Example: total 21 units, the fee is: $ 21 + (21x $ 1) = $ 42.00
  • Pay ONCE, until SOLD, no commission!

Note: the fee is payable in advance  before we make a webpage for your property. 


Please fill in the form below Step 1 - 4:

  1. Step 1: Fill in the OWNER's information
  2. Step 2: Fill in the information about the property (complete). Note: in case the location of your property did not show up, choose any location, and put a note in the description, and we will create the location later.
  3. Step 3: Summary (please do NOT click back, click the next button)
  4. Step 4 - Back-Office: where you upload photos




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