To showcase your property on this website:
  • You are the owner of the property.
  • We'll make a webpage for you, that is attractive to the potential buyers.
  • We'll market your webpage - till your property is sold.
  • No commission, so you can offer a better price to potential buyers  --> SELL FASTER!

Note: fill in the form below: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3... and then click Go to my back-office to upload photos and proof of ownership, etc.

Property Advertising Fees:

There are 2 kinds of property advertising fees depending on the type of your property:

A. Type A is for properties that are to be sold as a whole, including lands, houses, villas, apartments, shops, warehouses, hotels... . The fee is calculated based on your selling price as follows: 

  • Basic fee: IDR 295,000 (for a property with a selling price of IDR 10 billion or less)
  • If your selling price is more than IDR 10 billion, the fee is: IDR 295,000 + (0.0005% x the value above IDR 10 billion)
  • Example: selling price is IDR 35 billion, the fee is: IDR 295,000 + (0.0005% x IDR 25 billion) = IDR 420,000

B. Type B is for properties to be sold per unit, example: Apartments/Condotels (multi units), housing complexes, land blocks. The fee is calculated as follows:

  • Basic fee IDR 295,000 + IDR 10,000 per unit
  • Example: total units 25, the fee is: IDR 295,000 + (25 x IDR 10,000) = Rp 545,000

Note: the fee is payable in advance - only once (1x), and we will market your webpage till your property is sold. 


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