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From only IDR 295k until SOLD!

Moolaku is a property portal where Buyers-direct-Owners, no middlemen, no commission to pay. Already property listings in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Properties in any country can be listed here - placed by its OWNER.


  • Only the owner of the property can advertise at Moolaku (If you're asked by the owner to list on his behalf, please type the owner's name and details in the form)
  • Based on the information from you, we'll make 2 web pages - in English &  Indonesian, that are attractive to potential buyers.
  • PROACTIVELY, hundreds of our members will promote your two web pages - till your property is sold.
  • No commission, so you can offer a better price to potential buyers  --> SELL FASTER!

Property Listing Fees:

There are 2 kinds of property listing fees depending on the type of your property:

A. Type A is for properties that are to be sold as a whole. The fee is calculated based on your selling price as follows:

  • Basic fee: IDR 295,000 (for a property with a selling price of IDR 10 billion or less)
  • If your selling price is more than IDR 10 billion, the fee is: IDR 295,000 + (0.0005% x the value above IDR 10 billion)
  • Example: selling price is IDR 35 billion, the fee is: IDR 295,000 + (0.0005% x IDR 25 billion) = IDR 420,000

    Note: the listing fee is payable in advance   - before we make the web pages for your property.   

B. Type B is for properties to be sold per unit. The fee is calculated as follows:

  • Basic fee IDR 295,000 + IDR 10,000 per unit
  • Example: total 25 units, the fee is: IDR 295,000 + (25 x IDR 10,000) = Rp 545,000

    Note: the fee is payable in advance  before we make the web pages for your property. 


Please fill in the form below Step 1 - 4:

  1. Step 1: Fill in the OWNER's information
  2. Step 2: Fill in the information about the property (complete)
  3. Step 3: Summary, if there's anything you wish to change, click Back. If all ok, go to the back office.
  4. Step 4 - Back-Office: where you upload photos and the proof of ownership (compulsory).




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