Canada - the 8th country at Moolaku

Already property listings in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Canada, Nigeria, The Bahamas - properties in any country can be listed here - placed by its OWNER.

Check our this Grand, Luxurious anda Irresisable property in Canada here

The Philippines

Now, Moolaku is in The Philippines!

Moolaku Made the News in Thailand Property

Buyers-direct-Owners caught the attention of a well-known property editor in Thailand, and he has written an article about Moolaku, see here

555 Members in 50 Days

Started on 18/11/2017 - only 50 days ago, now there are 555 members in the marketing team at Moolaku, from 7 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Filipina, Australia, USA, Kenya, Brunei... If you're interested to join, click here

Moolaku Outside of Indonesa

Started in Indonesia - now already in 9 provinces, is now ready to spread its wings, and fly to other countries. Now you can advertise property for sale/lease in countries such as: The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, African countries, etc...

Marketing Members

Now open - an opportunity to make extra money ONLINE - to become a Marketing Member at, click here

9 Provinces in Indonesia

Now you can buy properties in 9 provinces in Indonesia, all direct to owners. Use the Search to find locations.