The Philippines

Now, Moolaku is in The Philippines!

Moolaku Made the News in Thailand Property

Buyers-direct-Owners caught the attention of a well-known property editor in Thailand, and he has written an article about Moolaku, see here

555 Members in 50 Days

Started on 18/11/2017 - only 50 days ago, now there are 555 members in the marketing team at Moolaku, from 7 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Filipina, Australia, USA, Kenya, Brunei... If you're interested to join, click here

Moolaku Outside of Indonesa

Started in Indonesia - now already in 9 provinces, is now ready to spread its wings, and fly to other countries. Now you can advertise property for sale/lease in countries such as: The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, African countries, etc...

Marketing Members

Now open - an opportunity to make extra money ONLINE - to become a Marketing Member at, click here

9 Provinces in Indonesia

Now you can buy properties in 9 provinces in Indonesia, all direct to owners. Use the Search to find locations.