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-> your website does all the work <-

I will get a website too? YES!

Now in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, Moolaku is a property portal where:

  • Buyers-direct-Owners
  • No middlemen in between
  • No commission to pay

Very unique! It's probably the only one in the world! 

To speed up the growth, Moolaku formed an Online Marketing Team on 18/11/2017 - now there are members from 25 countries, and increasing very fast!..

As a member, you will get a website exactly the same as Moolaku's website:

  • Your job is to promote your website - only by Copy-paste & Share
  • No explaining. no convincing, no selling - YOUR  WEBSITE does all that for you.
  • Your aim is to get owners to advertise, and new members to join.


Everyone Can Copy-paste & Share

Commissions & Points

  • Every Time a property owner advertises his/her property for sale via your website, you get 20% x advertising fee + 40 points (minimum IDR 119,000 per ad)
  • Each of your new members activates his membership, you get 40 points (IDR 60,000 per member)
  • 1 point = Rp 1500

You can earn a PASSIVE INCOME: IDR 200,000, 500,000, 800,000... 1500,000++..

Surely you still have questions:

  • Do I need an educational qualification? No
  • Can I work from home whenever I want? Yes
  • How much time to get results? 10-20 minutes/day
  • How does it work?
  • What does my website look like?
  • How to copy-paste & share? etc....

The answers are inside the back-office

The membership fee is only IDR 175,000 Rp 110,000/year - BUT DON'T PAY THIS NOW - first, you see how it works at the back-office.

Going to the back-office is FREE - so send the form below now.

Application Form

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