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-> your website does all the work <-

I get a website too? YES!

Now in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, Moolaku is a property portal where Buyers-direct-Owners, no middlemen in between, no commission to pay, very unique! It's probably the only one in the world! 

To speed up the growth, Moolaku has formed an Online Marketing Team on 18/11/2017 - now there are 3400+ members from 18 countries!!!..

As a member, you will get a website exactly the same as Moolaku's website:

  • Your job is to promote your website only by Copy-paste & Share
  • Your aim is to get owners to advertise, and new members to join.


Everyone Can Copy-paste & Share

Commissions & Points

  • Every Time a property owner advertises his/her property for sale via your website, you receive a 20% commission x advertising fee + 40 points.
  • Each of your new members activates his membership, you get 20 points,

You can earn a PASSIVE INCOME: IDR 200,000, 500,000, 800,000... 1500,000++..

Surely you still have questions:

  • Do I need an educational qualification? No
  • Can I work from home? Yes
  • Can I work at any time? Yes
  • How does it work?
  • What does my website look like?
  • How to copy-paste & share? etc....

The answers are inside the back-office

The membership fee is only IDR 175,000 Rp 95,000/year - BUT DON'T PAY THIS NOW - first, you see how it works at the back-office.

Going to the back-office is FREE - so send the form below now.

Application Form

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