• I had a lot of assistence from Moolaku to make my website very attractive to potential buyers. It took a few months, but eventually my house was sold. Thank you Moolaku - Frnas Sutopo


  • In only two weeks, we got 8 buyers from my ad here. And the 6th buyers got it. We sold it cheaper, but we didn't have to pay a coomission to Moolaku - Dukar Khanderao (India)


  • My land is not yet sold, but I had many buyers from my ad here. I have just reduced the price because property is very quiet for a long time. Hope it will be sold soon because of Moolaku, Amien... - Rgi Mulyani


  • Want Your Property Sold/Leased Quickly? 0% Commission, So that You Could Offer a Better Price to Potential Buyers -> Sold/Leased Quicker!!! - Admin (+62 878 6092 4851)
  • Only owners can advertise their properties for sale/lease, so this site is very attractive to buyers
  • We will make a property page for you, that is attractive to buyers
  • You don't pay any commission to us, therefore you can offer a better price to buyers -> SELL FASTER!
  • You will get a back-office where you can see how many times your property page has been visited, and who and how many buyers who have asked to be contacted by you

We promote this site via many of our contacts (tens of thousands), and also in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the words "BUYERS-direct-OWNERS", our promotion is very attractive to both buyers and owners.

Also, there are 18000 affiliate members now from 53 countries. Your website appear in the 18000 websites belonging to our affiliate members.

No one can answer that question. Even if you advertise it on a popular newspaper or TV, you still cannot know when it's going to be sold. What is for sure: "Buyers love to deal directly with owners"`.

Yes. You will automatically receive an email from our system, and please contact the person as soon as you can (within 24 hours).

You can ask someone (your staff or relative or friend) to meet and take the buyer to see your property.

Please contact us immediately via email at admin@moolaku.com (Or WhatsApp +62 878 6092 4851)

  1. The information that buyers will get is accurate (buyers hate it if getting inaccurate information about the property)
  2. Buyers will get a better price because the owners do not pay any commission to Moolaku. 

Owners must upload the document (say Freehold Certificate) and ID (passport). Though it is possible that his son/daughter or a relative or friend who was asked to place the advertisement by the owner.

If we receive a report that the one who places the advertisement is not the owner, we will investigate. And if it was proven that the advertiser was not the owner, we will take down the advertisement, and the money already paid to us will not be refunded.

Moolaku is directed to property owners/buyers, a niche market, so if you wish to advertise your products/services that suit the needs/wants of property owners/buyers, you can advertise in the Home page, or all the property pages, etc.

Many products/services that suit property owners/buyers, such as:

  • Developer services, accountant, notary, etc…
  • Products for homes, furniture, etc…
  • Holidays, entertainment, etc…

Contact us for further information at admin@moolaku.com